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Be part of our success story

Therapy Guide was set up ten years ago, over that period we have established a strong reputation as the premier therapeutic service - connecting clients with the very best trained, qualified & relevant mental health experts.

Reasons to join us

  • No subscription fees – you only pay for successful referrals

  • Dedicated profile to advertise your services

  • Protection against cancellation or no-shows

  • UK based customer support team that responds within 24 hours

  • Access to lots of clients - we offer B2B services as well as B2C

  • Encrypted details ensuring privacy & security

We know how difficult it can be to build & grow a private practice in an increasingly competitive market.

We’re here to make it easier.

Benefits you’ll enjoy as a Therapy Guide therapist

  • Regular income based on retention
  • Hours that fit your schedule
  • Remote working
  • Alignment with our excellent reputation
  • No non-payment headaches
  • We will manage all invoicing & payments
  • Easy diary management
  • Flexible schedule
  • Rewards for long term retention
  • Competitive hourly rates

Taking care of our therapists & making sure their work is valued & rewarded is important to us.

We provide you with

  • A dedicated profile page where clients can find out more about your expertise

  • Option to pause your profile if you’re going away or have no availability

  • We make huge investments in marketing campaigns to bring you clients

  • A devoted support team who are on hand to guide you & your clients through every step

How does Therapy Guide work?

Step 1

Clients find us through Google or social media advertising. Using our search function they select their needs.

Step 2

Clients are matched to you based on your profile.

Step 3

Clients book & pay for their first session upfront.

Step 4

Notifications via email &/or text inform you of your bookings.

Find out the requirements needed to become one of our therapists

Your application could be approved within 24 hours.

We look forward to working with you!

We’re here to make life easier

More than ever people are struggling with their mental health & wellbeing. This has resulted in an exponential demand for our services.

Our dedicated team of customer support plus technology, data & marketing experts are focused on increasing our market share & bringing new referrals to our therapists - making your life easier.

We aim to become the largest mental-wellbeing platform in the UK, so we can help millions of people find meaning in their lives.

Quite simply, our ambition is to make expert therapy affordable & accessible to everyone.

We are building a community whereby our ethos & aspirations are matched by those that join us.