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We qualified for boost funding from investment experts, Capital pilot

Therapy Guide is operating within a rapidly growing £4 billion market
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We’re on our way to being the biggest therapy platform

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Every 30 minutes someone books a session on our site. On average they go on to have at least 6 sessions.

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Our therapists are qualified & accredited - they must have studied for 3 years & completed over 300 clinical hours.

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200 registered therapists with 4,300 sessions available per week, & growing.

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Our team of Clinical Advisors provide specialist support to our clients, therapists & the businesses we collaborate with.

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15-minute complimentary consultations to help clients find the best therapist for them.

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We have bespoke B2B programmes, suitable for any business & budget. Our first B2B partner launched in May 2022.

We’re more than just an online platform…
we represent a movement
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16 million people suffer with mental health problems each year in the UK.

We have the expert tools to address this

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We support

All of our therapists are experts in a range of specialist areas and therapeutic techniques. Sessions can be conducted in person, online, or over the phone.


Our plans can be tailored to any requirements & budget. Our flagship programme sees employers & employees invest in therapy on a sliding scale.


There are almost 2.7 million higher education students in the UK, 70% are concerned about their mental wellbeing.

Lack of access to appropriate support has resulted in one student taking their life every 4 days.


We build meaningful relationships with our therapists, & support them, to ensure longevity & satisfaction.

We have the expertise to further services such as insurance, supervision & CPD - generating further revenue.

Don't just take our word for it

“Therapy Guide has an incredible mission and exciting growth plan. I’m proud to have helped them on this journey, and I cannot wait for their international success.”
George Waud Investor
“I’ve been working with Therapy Guide for a little more than 2 years now. They’ve provided me with a steady stream of clients & supported me throughout. It has been a great experience for me!”
Cris Ferraz Prade Counsellor & Psychotherapist
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We’re on a mission to make therapy accessible to everyone - wherever they are

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We’re innovators of trusted, easy to access, & safe mental health solutions. We have the required infrastructure to maximize our three lucrative markets.
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Our online platform & community allow us to reach a wider customer base compared with a traditional therapy model.

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The demand for therapy is at an all time high. We want you to be part of the mental health revolution & our worldwide success.

Become an investor & help us to achieve our mission to provide quality, expert & life-changing therapy to everyone.

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We’re leaders in the race to become the largest mental wellbeing platform in the UK. We have the knowledge, expertise & resources needed - now we just need your investment to scale.

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