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Your business could be ahead of the curve by offering therapy as a benefit to employees. Book a session with our commercial team to find out how you can help your employees.

Dedicated to helping minds stay healthy in the workplace

Work-related stress & mental illness account for over half of work absences*. Figures continue to soar in these unprecedented times - more people feel anxious, unmotivated, depressed & isolated.

For every £1 spent by employers on mental health they get £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism & staff turnover.

Tailored programmes

A clear mind is more focused & able to process information, which leads to goals being met to a higher standard in a shorter space of time.

By investing in the mental health of your employees, you are:
Safeguarding their wellbeing
Increasing productivity, loyalty & staff longevity

Our programmes give you direct access to our team of thoroughly vetted experts at a favourable rate, considerably lower than on the open market.

Why work with us?

We’ve successfully provided top quality therapy for over ten years

Helping thousands of people worldwide

Our highly trained, handpicked therapists have all gone through a rigorous process to join us & boast unparalleled expertise in a number of specialist areas.

It’s incredibly easy for your staff to access verified therapists in just a few clicks, with complete confidence.

10+ Years of experience
3,000 Clients worldwide
150+ Handpicked therapists
19+ Specialist areas

We provide initiatives tailored to the specific needs of your company & staff

We have the expertise & insight our competitors don’t

Floss Knight

Our CEO, Floss, has been a therapist for over 20 years. She gives us the priceless advantage of knowing the complexities of the therapy sector inside out.

Floss co-founded Therapy Guide 10 years ago to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality therapy.

How it works for your business

Step one

Contact us

Contact us to book a demo & discuss your requirements. Packages can be bespoke to your budget.

Step two

Match your needs

We will create a programme that matches your needs. Your staff will be connected with therapists we’ve specially selected.

Step three

Access sessions

Therapy sessions can be booked anytime. Discounts apply if booked in bulk.

How it works for your staff

Step 1

The entire process is confidential & safe - your staff don’t have to worry about their personal data.

Details of any therapy sessions will only be shared between the therapist & client.

Step 2

Some staff prefer to select the therapists they are most drawn to, or they can contact us by phone or email so we can match them to the best therapist for their needs.

Step 3

Everyone is offered a free 15-minute consultation with their therapist.

Step 4

The payment process is simple - we deduct the fee from the credits you’ve purchased in advance, & provide a monthly statement.

Possible options

We are entirely focused on mental health solutions - our plans can be tailored to your requirements & budget.


We will work with you closely to create a programme unique to your business.

We can offer discounts, exclusive insights from our in-house clinical advisor, a personalised employee therapy approach, and much more.

Shared Cost

Both employers & employees invest in therapy.

We’ll set up a payment scheme, where the contribution percentages are set by you e.g 50/50 split.


For employers who don’t have the means to invest financially, we provide access to informative newsletters & articles.

As well as reaching out to staff directly about our services.

Press coverage to date includes

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